Smart ERP

About Smart ERP

This is the home page for the Smart ERP Project.

For the time being you won't see any changes in here. Maybe in a near future, but more likely in a distant one, you'll find the home for yet another ERP system. But this one is different.

This one will be written in the great Ada2005 language. It'll be fast and easy to use and expand (those are by far our main goals).

For now we are working in some administrative issues in our real lives. When those issues are addressed, we're going to continue the AdaWorks development.

Only after the first release of AdaWorks we're going to work on SmartERP.

History of SmatERP

When I first started SmartERP project my intention was to build a PHP based ERP. Back then there wasn't (AFAIK) any OpenSourced ERP in this language. There were dozens of Java based ERPs, but as with any Java based tool, they were too slow. That's when I found out about OFBiz.

I started studing it and, after a couple of months, I realized PHP is not well suited for enterprise applications (only because of the page's life cycle - one could make a great PHP based ERP, but some features would be missing).

So, I decided to turn SmartERP into the home of the OFBiz Brazil Project, which intended to create an ERP well suited to brazilian federal laws.

After a while, due to persona issues, I found myself forced to close the project.

One year later I decied to write some piece of code inteded to allow people all around the world share their scientific reports in a uniform and organized way. Hence the SDRS (Scientific Documents Repository System) was born and, after a couple of months, I had to close another project I created myself.

Frustrated with this situation and willing to contribute with the OpenSource comunity, in Jan 2007, I decided to start yet another project. But one that didn't intend to release anything for the final user. A library..... more specifically a framework for building enterprise applications using Ada2005.

A couple of weeks after the project's release I started receiving some positive feedback from the Ada comunity (even though I didn't announce it anywhere) and I felt very excited about this.